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The beaches of Falassarna, also called the roasting pan from Tigani Balos



Beaches Falassarna Balos Chania Crete greege, information about the places, Tigani Balos, Chrysi, Aktí, Kalamáki, Agia Marina, Kolymbari, Kastelli, Kissamou, and much more.

Chania city from the coast road as the place itself along Chrysi Akti, Kalamáki Agia Marina and finally through Kolymbári order to arrive at the port instead Kastelli Kissamou by Cretans simple Kastelli said. From here leave several ferry boats to various Greek islands. Kíssamos was in Roman times has a city and then the port instead of the ancient city Polirrinía. Until this day in Kíssamos on gravingen done. From the port can be in a boat to take Gramvóusa. This is almost an island with the tip namige the same island and the island of Agria Gramvóusa. The silver island and the coast, the islands have after not enough residents. On the southernmost island Gramvóusa is a large, and in the past proved impregnable, fort that the Venetians have built to sea robbers, who had their base of the island road to take. 
7 km land inward, the ruins of the old city Polirrinía, once the main city of Crete greece. The second port of Polirrinía was Falássarna, in ancient times an important commercial shipping and naval center. There are still many remnants of the old city from the 5th and 4th centuries BC. to see. There is one other stone throne to see where no one knows the origin and age. Falássarna is also famous for its beautiful sandy beaches as Tigani Balos. They say one of the most beautiful of all Crete greece. The small bays with beautiful clear blue sea water stretching along the entire coast. 
The country lies within the mountains of Topólia starting with the same namig village, it is a beautiful natural area of some 1500 meters long. The mountain walls of the gap in some places reached a height of 300 meters and are well vegetated.




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