Samaria gap Crete greece


IIn the department of Chania, the famous Samaria Gap in Crete greece



Samaria gap Chania Crete greece, information about the beautiful walking rides on group along narrow cliffs.

In the department of Chania is also the famous Samaria Gap. Through a forest path you descend 1225 meters into the gap. In some places only 4meter wide, with rock walls with a height of 600 meters. The walk is + / - 16 km and takes about 6 hours. The final  terminal station is Agia Roumeli. The Samaria Gorge is the narrowest in the world. The gap is to run from mid-May and September. In addition to the famous gorge you can walk the Imbros Gorge. This gap is more passable than the Samaria Gorge and begins east of the Samaria Gap near the village of Imbros in the department of Rethymnon. The walk is shorter and takes about 3 hours. The narrowest part is only 4 meters with walls of rock about 30 meters high. The gap is to run from March to October



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