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plaka windmill park crete greece, mountain walking with panorama view about Mirabello Bay and the island Spinalonga



The departure point for this walk is the village of Plaka in the NE of Crete. You wander the village in a northerly direction until you reach a pin its first turn


Windmill park flat ground Plaka back small white church

Panorama view Plaka seen from the wind park


Plaka windmill park in the back small white church

Plaka Panorama view seen from the windmill park


Windmill park small white church

Plaka The windmills are a total of 12 MW


The walk,


If you Plaka village in a northerly direction you walk just before its first game dbocht on a paved road to the right, which you must take. Further on the road splits in three, we take the left road soaring. After 20 min strong climb to reach the top an asphalt road. Now go right and you follow a while, the road to the village Vrouhas leads. Just for a windmill ga your right asphalt road and follow you all the time in a northerly direction. You pass a small church and still hold a fork right (always walk in a northerly direction). You are walking through a windmill park in the distance you'll no doubt the small chapel of Agios Ioannis have seen. After a rest break at the church, you walk back in a southerly direction. Links drops a small, broad path in the direction of the coast. This take you. You will now return to Plaka all the time with a fantastic view over the beautiful Mirabello Gulf and the island of Spinalonga. You come back from the junction where we left for the rising road taken. So turn left and you're back to square one.


Height difference + / -150 MP + /-150m. q 


Step hours 4 hours 


Drink-Eat opportunity Restaurants, cafes and hotels in Plaka 


Physical difficulty degree 


Technical difficulty / no technical difficulties




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