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Motor rent on the Greek island crete greece, handy information for Motordrivers, rent than an enduro or an all road motorcycle with motorsuit.

At the end of August 2005 we visited Crete for a short holiday. 
To make this Greek island from the engine to visit is the easiest to make a plane to fly to Crete and on the spot to rent a motor. With the engine can reach the island after a journey of about 2800 km and at least 2 crossing with a ferry. 
Crete and the rest of Greece are not known for its verkeersveligheid. The same traffic rules as the rest of Europe, but nobody here really seems to hold. Good tarmac or paved roads are not obvious. The road surface is worn in many places and is full of holes. When rain turns the ground into a slide. With the high temperatures is not comfortable driving in a safe motorpak. Take your love for all this, it is there, especially with an enduro or an all-road motorcycle, beautiful drive, especially with sunglasses on. 
In this report we hope a good impression of the island and useful information for motorcyclists to give.




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