Knossos excavations Crete greece


Knossos, the capital of Minoan Crete greece



Knossos excavations, the beautiful capital of Minoan Crete greece, is available at five kilometers south of Heraklion. Ten centuries Knossos was the first and largest city in Greece and throughout Europe. Now there are the magnificent remains  remnants of the great relics palace of King Minos, the villas, the theater theaters, large jars and graves. At this point the man lived for the first time about 6000 years BC. organized. The opgraver Evans performed reconstructions give visitors an insight into the structure structures of some Minoan palaces complex. Crete is the gateway to the very old civilization of the Middle East came in Europe. This civilization reached a peak under King Minos. Crete in the Minoan an enormous flowering known, the height of a bloom would have been between 3000 and 1000 BC.




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