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The Lassithi Plateau can generally be achieved three ways, namely to Aghios Nikolaos or Heraklion and Kastelli. We describe it from Heraklion, after about 22 miles to the junction with the village it is Anissaras right direction Kastelli and just follow the signs to the Lassithi plateau. After 7 miles, then the village Gonies in pictures where the road to the plateau really begins, a road full of bends, where you actually care to be the horn may use, the residents do that. After a while, a sign Krasi left and gone to this little worth, because once in the village you will see a centuries old plane to a location of your source water to freshen or just something to drink. Then, if you continued your way, you almost self again on the way to Lassithi where you just before the village of Kera Kera at the monastery is certainly worth a visit. Certainly on September 8, the day name of this monastery. In the monastery are special Fresco's visit, but also applies here, but appropriate clothing, finally, it is a sacred place. After the monastery winds up the road, passing the village of Kera and while you can enjoy the beautiful views and quiet drive, you will undoubtedly find places where you can park for quiet pictures. Who does the Lassithi against to obtain the images is disappointed, because electric pumps have slowly taken over by the wind mills, the plain fact is a sea of green geworden.Het ground water is simply dropped and the pumps are now once more so in the sun, often with snow still on the mountain tops Lassithi is still a beautiful piece of Crete. Did you know that the plateau in the early spring a very big lake by all the melting water from the mountains. And true that melt water is plain as fruitful. Throughout Greece include potatoes Lassithi known. Ovrigens just for information, Lassithi plateau is not the only but the most famous of Crete. You can use the platform right in the drive, you will anyway go back to the point where the plain began. Once the level goes down the road and at the end of this road you can decide whether you left or right. Self guess we left to go, and then Tzermadion the first place you come across, including the capital of the valley. It is a green village with lots of flowers and there is even a sanatorium but most income is tourism, because along the winding streets and roads are restaurants, coffee houses and souvenir shops. What you find here, but along the entire route Lassithi, the woven rugs, table clothes, etc. Once articles in the winter on the plains was hooked, and knit for self consumption and trade for the other island residents but now a local commercial product for the tourists. Furthermore you will find this in all the mountain villages in Crete. Approximately four kilometers from the village a branch to Aghios Konstantinos Aghios Georgios and immediately thereafter in the last village museum is located on old times Lassithi. It is interesting to visit the museum again to get an impression how life was in the 19th century. You will find the museum at the Platia Elevterias (Freedom Square) and is located in one of the last remained authentic Lassithi houses. There are no windows in just a hole in the ceiling in relation to the risk of a possible Turkish attack. It shows the inner view of a residential house in that time including tool of the peasant. On the first floor is a small exhibit down photos of the famous Cretan writer Nikos Kazantzakis at certain stages in his life. There is also a landmark, the birth cave of Zeus. (Yes, another), Dikteon Andron. You drive by car (or KTEL) to the cave located in the parking place and from there follow (the only viable) way to winding up. Probably you are in the parking place already spoken by donkey owners who claim that the cave for an hour walk is that you better hire a donkey, only because that is not the ordinary walker takes about 25 minutes. By the way, if you will visit the cave, take good shoes and something warm to the torso, it can be cold in the cave. Once in the cave it's an official guide and be guided around, the whole cost little (September 2006) € 6, - including candle. In this cave Zeus is born in secret otherwise he lost the same as his brothers and sisters Demeter, Hades, Hera, Hestia and Poseidon, namely immediately after birth are eaten by father Kronos. True or not true, there is in the 19th century discovered that the cave a Minoan settlement should have been, as always led the shepherds and farmers from the area finds from the vicinity of the cave. End than at the beginning of the 20th century official excavations began with many Minoan sacrifices were also found as an altar.




The path of Gortys to Lendas begin at Platanos through the olive tree fields and ends in the Asteroussia mountains. Once the top you are treated to a magnificent view over the Libyan Sea and the village Miamou. Lentas is located on the south coast of Crete beautiful middle against the rocks and a village not forgiven by tourism, but there are many days people and backpackers. Here it is about the same atmosphere as there ever was in Matala. Besides the village, in the western corner, at the taverna's camping Friday. Especially given the fact that it's established taverna again these campsites money. Rooms are also rented. Once you move your car down the local park to replace the old ladies in black, like a flock of ravens to you, the only English word they know that calling Rooms, Rooms, which are abnormal for prices, but there is you not to go. Eventually you can work it out. Furthermore, the village is growing into quite the tourist, there are even Internet cafes. Known is also the crying lion, a rock formation in the sea. (Invented required). Course also a story with. Europe to Africa could ever have been fixed. When Europe losbrak of Africa remained a lion behind that forgot to jump to Africa (lions probably can not swim). When on its own island Africa slowly disappearing in the distance saw he wept bitter tears and ultimately petrified! Furthermore, above the village you have a Greek Roman city, the ancient Lebena, once the port of Gortys was. Then there is a health source (still in use) and there was a Askleios temple. Unfortunately there are still 2 of the sixteen columns on ever. Besides the temple there is a space with Roman mosaic motif with a sea horse and two palms. Here was once the temple treasures stored underground. Will find nothing, the treasures have been much earlier, during the Roman or Byzantine period, stolen. Public transport is once daily by bus from Heraklion (via Aghi Deka).




Loutro, once a fishing village (and from 330 to 824 AD Bisschops city) offers a picturesque view, as in the sea, the cliffs are built with top of the castle. There is-still-not connected to the mainland. There is a boat connection with moderate Aghia Roumeli and Chora Sfakion. Because in the summer in recent years many visitors come (because Loutro so remote is) it would summers best pressure. Thus, more and more taverns who rent rooms and there is a real hotel 'Porto'. Fortunately, people here (as in the smaller Greek islands) with the authentic account of the village. The beach in the village Loutro itself is coarse sand, it is nevertheless prepared to smaller paths left and right from the village to run, then you soon lovely beaches against. Above the village is a castle well worth a visit. Looking for a place for a quiet time to spend, then Loutro the ideal place.





In the wake of the place Stalis (or Stalida) is the place Malia. The border with Stalis is hardly recognizable. Malia is a busy seaside resort long. A visit to the old village core with its narrow streets is huge fun. There are many shops, restaurants and other catering units. During the Malia quiet Friday, as against the evening a lively seaside resort. The tourist area is located on the main road, where also a lot of traffic goes by and the beach road where most shops and catering units are situated. In the high season this beach road, just as in Hersonissos closed to traffic from 20.00 to 05.00 hours. Malia is a part of the old main road on the island, the distance to Heraklion is 35 miles. There are only five beaches in Malia whose longest 1000 meters and the largest 50 meters. Most is slowly descending into the sea sand beach, which makes it suitable for families. In Malia you are also a few kilometers away from the excavations.




If you like the highway Heraklion - Aghios Nikolaos you will see signs saying Milatos 6 kilometers. How long you drive, the signs for six miles, although you are close to the village. Do not be mislead from new road is just six kilometers. Milatos The village lies on the north coast, east of Malia and Sissi. Ever a Minoan nederkrant setting, but was destroyed by the inhabitants of Lythos the city next to Knossos to the main sites of the island belonged. This was three thousand BC. Milatos is quiet, with the central place the port with the underlying restaurants. Here is the good fish. It is (still) not expensive, like the stays. For a family vacation is all a bit less, then it is better to Sissi and Malia go. Milatos The village itself is about 1 kilometer from the beach. (Paraliou Milatos). Famous is the cave of Milatos through a very narrow road 7 miles from Milatos, where in February 1823 three of half one thousand Cretans were hiding for the Turkish Passover Hassan. Prompt them were discovered and that the siege until hunger struck and they are surrendering. Once outside the men were immediately slain, and only the beautiful women turn fins for the Turks. The remaining were also killed. A small painting work in the lower part of the tunnel recalls that, they found some bones of the omgebrachte residents. The cave is easy to find, follow the road signs, but the road there is going bad, very steep and narrow. A bag lantern to take is not superfluous.




VaFrom Hersonisos direction Ahios Nikolaos abreast of Stalis is the way to Mochós. You go up to the pump station. Mochós is about 9 kilometers from Stalis. In the village square you will find a nice cozy restaurant, we recommend the taverna Platia. . The kitchen is very good, according to ancient Greek recipes. Very familiar Marian celebrations on August 15 where only be sung and danced. Whatever you do, remember that you must lift again, so think carefully before you drive if you drink. A taxi will not cost you the head, after fine-son day.




This small town on the south coast of Crete, 15 kilometers from Ierapetra has been among the connoisseurs of Crete known village, but have also discovered among others. You will find many travelers in transit, but also many people who have come to the village and as long zamer hand back every year. The result is as it was a true family bond with Myrtos.Voor the archeology Seerden interested in us, above the village is a small Minoan nederkrant setting with the name Pyrgos, easy walking distance. Even the way back to Ierapetra and the bridge links the path up the mountain path. Later you will find a few old walls, stairs and what remains of columns. It is not what you see but there is a reward against the view here is beautiful invalidated. In the old school building Myrtos you will find neither a small archaeological and ethnological museum.De beaches Myrtos, such as more frequent in the south, narrow and pebbly shadow and you will not find, so protection from the sun may be needed be. Most food and beverage units are located on the beach and the village itself are some shops, the streets are narrow but it is fun. Myrtos is perfectly accessible by car, the open transport is slightly less but not bad, so there is six times per day to connect to Ierapetra, then you can then switch to the bus travel to Ano Vianes or Heraklion.




If you drive from Heraklion to Aghios sees the city of Neapolis is right, once you are passed Vrahasi tunnel. (278 meters). Near Neapolis (which means new city (as Naples in Italy) is one of the cross sections where both the new and the old road can take. Neapolis is also one of the places where you can do Lasithi plateau. Neapolis almost nobody has heard of, yet the city is important. One of the few prison is located, but Bishop is a city of Neapolis. Neapolis Unfortunately, because of its location far from the sea, in the olive fields is a city for traveling, not for tourists. However, there is a best case to show the Megali Panagia church from the 19th century anywhere in the garden one of the hero haftige fighters against the Turks was buried, Zervonikolas. The ruins of the old Driros approximately 3 miles north east of the city, direction Kourounes. Ooit Driros was very important. It is in the excavations one market place, a sanctuary, and other important buildings. The important issues that they have found can be found in the museum Heraklion. Remaston The monastery from the 15th century, dedicated to the arch-angel, with beautiful icons. Vrissis Also nearby is worth a visit, Open veroer compatible with Neapolis is excellent.


Pachiá Ámmos


Both the village and the beach are not going home to write and the beach consists of pebbles large part but it is certainly with a pleasant boulevard with some small restaurants where the fish is also good. There is sufficient accommodation at reasonable prices. We wait anxiously on the new road, which this traffic bustling village an original bath or fishermen village and  towns  will make. Public transport is good from all sides, both of Aghios Nikolaos, Sitia and Ierapetra.






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