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This village is situated above the west coast of the island almost Rodopou in the towns north west of Crete greece. Today we no longer need the old road from Chania to Kastelli to take to Ravdoucha to, even from the new road it is possible to get there, it is already indicated. That is as follows: If you enter the village go to church, which links on the right road. Directly to the church is a B road you bend right leads steeply down to the sea. There is also a sign Pros Paralia Tavern, the tavern stand. The distance in about 2 ˝ miles. Halfway through you in a rock hewn church at which you will find frescoes and paintings whose age has not yet been established. Directly on the road, under the church you will find the old place was the village where the women gathered to wash and also to talk. For the church, you will also find a more tables and benches where you can quietly enjoy the beautiful Bay of Kastelli. Later you will find some nice taverna's, all with a nice view and good prices. The beach is pebbly beach. There is a bus connection to Chania, but is meant more for the village. In other words, so the bus departs the morning to Chania and is evening back.






Rodia is a mountain village west of Heraklion. Follow the old road from Heraklion to Rethymnon and you looking after Amoudara direction Rodia (also called Rogdia). Then, a good but winding road about 10 miles brings you to Rodia. Once in Rodia wait a magnificent panorama of the city of Heraklion. The village, visit the best foot, the car you can park at the bus station at the beginning of the village. Once in the village soon recognize the remains of patrician houses from the Venetian period, then you have a quiet cup of coffee you drink in one of the kafeneions it and enjoy the panoramic view over the city without the noise of it. Just before the village is left a very bad road to go to the nunnery Savathianon brings. On the road around you will find the signs to the monastery clearly and remember those signs on the back, there are no signs. The monastery is located in a very fertile and water rich gap and is inhabited and run by some about 20 nuns. Inviting the court to the monastery, filled with water fountains and a fresh vegetation. Enjoy the silence here. The nuns are very hospitable and you both work for sale, buy what you feel but if you buy nothing, leave at least a Obulus (tip) behind because the monastery has money needed to survive. Also worthy sights, the rock church Afgios Savvas with beautiful icons, the icon of the 40 martyrs as height point. Behind the monastery you will find the "Calvary" with the objectives of the agony of Christ. From the monastery you anyway Rodia back to back, then you can go several ways to your next objective.



Samaria Gorge



The Samaria Gorge is a separate story. There is the divide known and we give you a description of how it is. Those who own the very long hike through the gap to make may include at least consider the night before in Omolos to stay overnight. From Omolos it is about five kilometers to the gap. This is to get up early to avoid. For 'Chiloskalo', also known as the wooden staircase that begins the descent to the finest (and largest) gap in Europe. As you enter a National Park you must have a ticket, but also for safety, because you can be sure that no one in the gap remains because everything is from the beginning to the end of the gap in monitored, for your security, finally, the gap or eighteen miles! In the beginning the descent good style, so there is a wooden handrail fitted for the inexperienced customers climb with us. After about three or four kilometers, the steepness less and here you will find the almost invisible chapel of Aghios Nikolaos. Then, towards the now deserted village of Samaria residents. This was the gap left after the gap area was natural. After the village is a village (Mary of Egypt) and is half the gap is now made. The last four miles of the gap for most visitors the most impressive. Vertical walls that are 300 meters with a course of just three meters. Also called the 'Iron Gate'. The Cretans know inventive as they are two ways to reduce the gap in 'nothing', the difficult and the easy way. So far it was the hard way, because you can also use the boat to Aghia Roumeli and the gap from the other side by walking. Then you run the 'Iron Gate' and return. Extract, however, the entire gap, then take the tour about five hours. Do you think there well prepared to run the gap, especially with regard to shoes and water!







This village is actually above the new road from Heraklion and Aghios Nikolaos, surrounded by the mountains. The road is very good but very winding and you will find a zebra path because many believers stop to the monastery to visit, or even what to use, so check it out! Here you will find the monastery of Saint George of Selinari, a wonderful town with benches to sit amidst the pain of trees with a very nice resource. The water of Selinari you often in restaurants and shops and find bottles as spring water.






Brings you a visit to the historic island of Spinalonga, off the coast of Agios Nikolaos. This small rocky island has a long and fascinating history. Al from ancient times was equipped for the defense of the ancient port city Olous located on the coast just behind Spinalonga. Over the centuries Olous subaquatic disappeared but the remains of the city are still on the bottom of the sea. The Venetians, who Crete greece in the 14th century took hold, realized the strategic location of Spinalonga. They built a large fortress on the remnants of the old fort and made Spinalonga one of the most important defensive work in the history of that time. During the Turkish occupation of Crete, which lasted until the end of the 19th century, Spinalonga was inhabited by Turkish families who are within the old fortress walls under military protection of their own homes and gardens built aanlegden. After all relevant decisions of the Greek government was Spinalonga from a leprosy colony in 1904. The sufferers of leprosy (a dreaded disease which only in 1947 a healing medicine was discovered) until then lived a nomadic life and isolated, ostracized from their villages and cities. Spinalonga was a place where they were raised. An exile place, although true, but also a place where medical care was financial support, and a village where the leprosy sufferers is a residential community were able to form. An excellent boat excursion of the Company Nostos Tours takes you from the port of Agios Nikolaos to Spinalonga. To create the beautiful ship, the Venus Engine (bar restaurant on board) a wonderful journey through the beautiful Gulf of Mirabello. On Venus explains the quiet for a refreshing dip in the crystal clear sea water. The excursion is led by the excellent guide, whose uncle in the leprosy colony Spinalonga was born. Dimitris tells the real story of the history of Spinalonga and the real life at the time of the leprosy colony, with more than convincing evidence. Oh yes, on the return are still some pleasant surprises await! Departure day: at 12.30 hours. Back in the port of Agios Nikolaos: around 17.00 pm. Ticket travel sales at the boat: from 9.00 pm. Children pay half the price. The best way to Agios Nikolaos is accessible by public transport. From all the major tourist centers are driving this bus line moderately pleasant town with its many cafés, shops and restaurants.






If you are Heraklion Hersonissos come through as there is nothing and that is the village of Stalis (also Stalida) said. Stalis is a long coastal strip of the boulevard with behind again several streets with hotels and apartments. It is a circuit of bars, shops and restaurants with little traffic, there are barriers everywhere recognized. Apart from that, most one-way traffic. At the end of Stalis is the village almost unnoticed in Malia. The beach is about 1 kilometer long and in some places 40 meters wide. The beach at Stalis is less suitable for families, it soon ends in the sea. Tour options are Saturday Stalis is the perfect place to do the Lassithi plateau. Of course, the archaeological site of Malia within reach. Some accommodations are on the other side of the road around the island, but there are many tunnels under the road without that neck-breaking speed need to get to the center and the beach to come.






In the village Tylissos along the road from Heraklion to Anogia (about half) are still the ruins of houses dating from the Minoan times to visit. They were discovered early last century and excavated. Most finds are in the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion exhibited. It is believed that the oldest settlement of Crete is situated, evidence for this is not. You can visit the site from 09.00 am to 15.30 pm, on Sunday an hour shorter. You can not miss the ruins, just follow the signs and at some point you will go on a  parking lot, where you also get a flat ground. But it is more valued as a tourist if you have a rug buying. And who thinks that the entrance of the site is who has it wrong, because once it enters the excavation will be somewhere in a dark corner gesture Ticket please!






The palm beach of Vai in the extreme east of Crete is one of the most visited and photographed places in the island. The story goes that at this point the (Arab) dates kauwende sea robbers often aanmeerden and their dates from seeds in the sand spit. For example, the dates palms arose. This is not more than a legend because every botanist knows that these trees just everywhere in Crete for this like all the other trees in Vai, nothing has come from outside. There is also nothing known about Arab rovers.Het sea palm beach is anyway a tale that was first discovered by backpackers and you will still often come across, but no more sleeping on the beach under the palms. Since the government put a stop through the area to define and nature reserve to the beach noemen.Zo may only be visited between 7.00 and 21.00 hours or overnight camping is prohibited, in other words' evening, the beach closed. Often, this is arguing about, but behind the beaches and surrounding areas were in a state of devastation that some measures should be taken. Vai But it has been nothing of beauty supplies and it is still a good stay. Also, there is always something to do in Vai. There is also a restaurant and a snack bar and the view is still breath away. The beach itself is coarse sand but beautiful. In the water or rocks. Beside the restaurant is becoming a route to the next peak in the curve, just follow the red dots. (Not suitable for families)! Vai You can reach by car (parking fee) or by bus from Sitia (5 x per day). Nor have we heard that a huge (English) tourism complex will be built with over 7000 beds, true or not true, we would say enjoy it while still Vai still can.



Vrysses - Vrisses



Vrysses is located on the old road between Georgo poulos and Kalyves on the north coast of Crete and at first sight have nothing to offer. But look beyond the best like a village. Through the village runs a river and that makes everything a little greener than elsewhere. Moreover, the production of honey and yogurt are just as responsible as speaking tourist. Sometimes it happened that there are Dongen should be the price of yoghurt with honey, which has nothing to do with the Cretan score, but with trade. We are in any case of this pragmatism shocked. Here in this village, is a paying machine, and this explains quite a lot.



Witte bergen - Lefka Ori



The white mountains in the west the highest mountain of Crete, which slowly in the south west is slowly flowing in Volakiasgebregte. The highest mountain here is Pachnes to 2452 meters above sea level, but also may Volakias his 2119 best proud of its size. By Dewitte berge is in the south west, the Samaria Gorge. Not unjustifiably, this mountain the name White Mountains because even if no snow, as in the summer then all peaks and mountain slopes white, but from the sunlight. A very impressive whole!






This remote location in far south east of Crete is by car. Shortly after Ano Zakros to Kato Zakros go. Pay attention to road signs with the name Xerokambos After 11 miles you should be. The second part of this trip is very nice, especially because of a gap on the left side of the road runs. This is to pass through Xerokambos this is about 1 kilometer away from the village, where not much to see. The beach however is gorgeous, with rock shelves with fine sand beaches and bays. A beautiful sandy beach in Crete we have not. Please note that on the whole beach, there is no shadow. As far as accommodation is concerned, there is room rentals and the beach is even a motel Ambelos. For dinner there are a number of small taverna and kafeions.






Ziros is actually a very small holiday village in the extreme south east of the island. The village lives in the wine and build livestock farming. Located on a mountain plateau above the Sea Lybische, right next to the road to Sitia Xerokambos. Places of interest are not much, although the two churches and the local wine factory to visit.






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