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Until 1972, Chania the capital of Crete, now the second largest city after the capital Heraklion. Many people believe that Chania one of the most beautiful cities of Greece can be called. One can divide the city in the old and the new city to the old borders. Characteristics for the old city are the beautiful Venetian port, the mosque and minarets, the lighthouse, churches and houses from the Venetian period and Turkish. Walking through the narrow streets around the port, you could walk through the history of Crete! In this part of the 13th century port, you'll be surprised by the large variety of taverns, bars and shops. In the covered market hall, built in a cross shape and unique on Crete, a daily fresh food were made, especially fish and meat stalls are crowded. Located west of the city you will find many small villages along beaches, ideal for a beach holiday combined with an active holiday. In some places water sports, such as wind surfing and water skiing. North east of Chania, the island near Akrotiri. Here you can visit the monastery Agia Triada and Gouvernetou, respectively the 16th and 17th century, or the graves of famous state man Venizelos and his son. Gravenbruch that fight for freedom typing but also a magnificent view on Chania. The route to the silver island offers beautiful views over Souda Bay and its natural harbor. Cities and villages in the south as Sougia, Chora Sfakion and Paleochora, and in the west and Kastelli Phalassarna, are easily accessible by public transport. Chania is a great starting point for walking through the famous Samaria Gorge. This 18 km long walking tour takes you from Omalos to the south coast of Crete.


Dikiti Mountains


The Dikiti mountains after Ida Psiloritis and Lefaka Ori (White Mountains) in the third major of the mountains on mountains Kreta.Het begins west of Aghios Nikolaos and the highest mountain is oros Dikti to 2148 meters above sea level. In this mountain is Lassithiplateau, to which the whole area in the east is named.




Elafonisi The island lies on the south west coast of Crete, about 6 kilometers from the monastery Chryssos kalitissa. Many travel lines praises the island in the sky though the islands in the South Sea seems that is nonsense, but it is very beautiful. There is among others a beautiful beach that slowly ends into the sea. From the mainland you can easily walk to the island, water is no deeper than 1 meter, if you at least on the route remains. There are some small restaurants and snack bars, where not too many questions, you do not expect an extended kitchen. Tents may not save more, is absolutely prohibited. But slowly come there all the landlords room slowly. Only once a day is a bus to and from Chania.





A small village with only 1000 inhabitants south east of Heraklion located. From Heraklion Just the old road and then in Kart Eros to right, to the south. First left Aghios Ionnis and finally Episkopi. A sloppy 24 kilometers from the capital. Once at the top of the mountain to get an unpleasant surprise tegmoet in the form of several (partly illegible) signs. Would you just Episkopie, ga then this point right, then you do. On the pass you have a bird ostrich farm. Once in Episkopie forget you not in the village center left to save, otherwise drive you hopelessly terminal, and can only be done with the residents to return and try it as yet. Episkopi, one of the oldest villages of Crete are. Three most important sights of interest are the three Byzantine churches, Aghia Paraskevi uir from the 13th century, Aghios Fokas is up from the 10th century and Tou Archangelou Mikhail dedicated so the arch angel Michael and the church from the 14th century. Then of course there are some new churches and water mills. Furthermore, this year all sport bet fight held mid-August, as well as art statements. The bus from Heraklion to Skourokefali runs three times a day and is also in Episkopi.




27 kilometers west of Heraklion, the village Fodele. From the way you are saying to refer to. Once the way you drive through a beautiful landscape on both sides of the road orange trees and lemon trees. After three miles you will reach the site Fodele. Here you really in the interior of Crete, with a water fall and a river where the ducks to your heart's croak. In this village was the famous painter Dome Icos Theo Toko poulos born. The name probably tells you nothing, but if we tell you that the Greek went to Spain in order to paint .. The Spaniards thought it was too complicated and called him ease Greek or El Greco. There is not much here to see the great painter, there is on the central square stand the statue of a painter, with his name, donated by the University of Valladolid, and a few kilometers outside the village, the El Greco house now a museum. Very famous are also the churches something from the center, dedicated to mother Mary. Here you will find frescos from the 14th century.




After the place Kokkini Hani follows the same place Gournes. A relatively quiet bath with beautiful beaches. Here are lots of private accommodations located, as well as a campsite. Most of Gournes is taken up by an old American army base and Royal Hotel is also no longer in use. Quietly situated Gournes not, the incoming aircraft to Heraklion may cause some inconvenience. Public transport is well arranged, every half hour a bus to and from Heraklion.




Gouves is located east of Herk Lion and a major resort. Consists of two parts Gouves, Gouves Kato and Pano Gouves, ie below and above Gouves. Above Gouves is a real Greek village, but the beach will take about three kilometers. (Downhill flow)! Below Gouves is very touristy. There is not really an old village core, it is a big tourist area with a very long and pleasant boulevard with nice lights. There are many small shops, many bars and other entertainment units. The beach in Gouves is very good and there is a very nice yacht harbor. From Gouves can include an excursion to the island off the coast Dia.




Left the island of Crete is situated the most southern point of Europe. The island is only reachable by mail boat from Paleochora, Chora Sfakion, Aghia Roumeli and Sougia. You can not back the next day, when the weather is of course to leave, because if the wind is too hard, it can sometimes require several days on the island gets stuck. For example, about 50 residents of Gavdos in the winter of the world cut off. The advantage of this connection is that Gavdos is not likely to be a tourist spot. In view of the infra structure that are not, because there are very few accommodations on the island. If you want to press and not so close to taking the days and planning, go to the old fishing quarter in Paelochora for departure. That will surely help. You have no ass to expect, what you think is total relaxation, away from the earth. Greece are good koopst. Water is not here, now there is electricity, and a few cars. In one of these cars you can also port to the 'capital' kastri to bring. Other transportation resources are tractors with trailers that serve as taxis. Shopping is possible, of course, very limited! There are three beaches, Sarakikino first beach, there are also several restaurants. The beach is very nice but not as dirty, probably is that the campers on the beach, because the dirt is seldom obtained. The second beach is Georgos beach with a large tavern, a room rental business and other tourism matters. This is the most popular beach. Then there is the beach at the southern tip of Gavdos difficult to achieve but also quieter. There are also many fishermen and not go for nothing, but a walk on the island pays very rewarding.




Hersonissos was for twenty years an authentic Greek village, it is now almost the largest tourist resort in Crete, in each case of the north coast. There is an old and a New Hersonissos Hersonissos, as some states, but in fact the Hersonissos (top) and Hersonissos port (below). In Hersonissos port is the big event, while still slightly above authentic Greek village, like a trinity with the villages and Koutouloufari Piskopiano. In Hersonissos (Hersonissos by some known or even mentioned Xersonissos) are around 80 hotels and many apartments. Hersonissos has even become a bit of a capital with its own district, where there is a police office and there are several medical centers where, if properly insured without paying the same (after consultation of the insurance card) helps. 
If you really want to go out Hersonissos is obviously the place, especially for young people. For sports and games, to the end of the boulevard is one of the first 4-star hotels in Crete hotel Creta Maris, which can almost all water sports. Furthermore, the Star Beach water park at the end of Hersonissos, Malia direction. The beaches are a bit less of Hersonissos, Creta Maris is in a great beach and at the other end of the village, the beaches again broader. For the rest of the beaches are small ".




Istro lies about 10 miles east of Aghios Nikolaos to Sitia on the road. It is a long gerekt village and runs all the way to the sea. Istro has a connection with Kalo Chorio (in Dutch beautiful village). Unfortunately Istro not quiet, certainly not by what many freight traffic by driving around, but changes are forthcoming. There are many roads that lead to the sea, where the bays are quite pebbly beach. There are screens on sale Sunday and chilled drinks. This bath is ideal for families, but it is with young people to Istro, then there is nothing to do. The bus from Aghios Nikolaos to Sitia and Ierapetra stop here.




Regarding country's view, this is one of the most beautiful villages of Crete. Because it completely out of the direction coming here happy little tourists, except the local tourists. And then again mainly because of the beautiful church Thimou tou Stavrou, or holy cross, which in the middle of the village lies on a rock. As many as 245 steps take you to the top, but definitely worth it. In the place where the church once stood the acropolis of the old place Larissa, once formed in the Minoan period. Unfortunately there is nothing more to see. In exchange for this right of the church a natural rock formation called "Theos Petrinos or" the God stone ". I have a nice topic for the church to visit, the beautiful views of the Libyan Sea. Besides this church fade all other churches in the village, but these churches are well worth a visit. Do you have appropriate clothing? What also worth a visit is a ride (with car) to the south to males, by Anatoli. The rocks are on impression genial you also divide the Sarakinas pass, so if you want it?


Kato Zakros


There are three reasons why Kato Zakros worth a visit is first of all because this is the fourth Minoan excavation finds (next Festos, Knossos and Malia), secondly because of the mild temperature here grow bananas outside the greenhouses and last because this most south eastern tip of Crete, Crete hold here (and Europe) as it were. You go through Palekastro of Sitia and Ano Zakros to Kato Zakros. In Ano Zakros Zakros hotel when it is right down and then it is only 8 miles on good tarmac road. There is even two times a day a bus from Sitia Zakros to Kato. Just before you go from Ano Zakros left is a small excavation of a Minoan villa.Geloof us as we tell you that the route on the new asphalt to Kato Zakros is breath away. beautiful views over the sea, the mountains and the bay of Zakros.Ook walking is a great way to Kato Zakros. Or via the tarmac road, or via the old road, which crosses the new road. Here one can no longer drive the car, that since the new road is prohibited. Places Where to Kato Zakros is usually not the only place where backpackers, but also many people who are interested in the excavations. It was purely by chance in 1961 to the Minoan palace discovered. What was the chance a few farmers who wanted a new greenhouse built greenhouse and started digging vondt almost immediately Minoan jewelry. In all honesty they have the jewelry to the government offered and started digging and so equal were the remains of the palace to the top. Since this is a building in Kato Zakros, because until the whole palace was excavated and mapped, no one knows how far the palace in the village spread. So do not expect too much tourist infrastructure. Moreover, the British also suspected that there was a Minoan palace, and they were already in 1901 at the graves, but in the wrong place. The best time to visit to Kato Zakros is early morning, there is still not many tourists, and the place is not filled with car jacks.




The famous archaeological site of Knossos is Crete. The place Knossos is about 5 kilometers from Heraklion country flow. Knossos, the ruins of the largest and most luxurious Minoan palace, built in the middle of a big city. The first palace was built in 2000 BC and destroyed around 1700 BC. It was immediately rebuilt and it was even better than the first, but ultimately, this palace was again destroyed. Probably during the eruption of the volcano on Santorini. The excavations are made around 1900 by Sir Arthur Evans, who then also for the reconstruction of certain parts has.


Kokkini Hani


What fifteen years ago an unknown village (but typical Cretan village) between Heraklion and Aghios Nikolaos, is now a bad place to become allure. On day it is nice and quiet, enjoying the beach or the beautiful surroundings. On the boulevard of Kokkini Hani is the last time worked very hard, and every year the better (more mature). No mass tourism, no, just good, and fall to the heliacal boulevard is almost magical, and the night life, with typical Greek taverna's, make it more fun, and on the day there are great shops, and pebble beaches and a beautiful sandy beach with numerous water sports facilities. Kokkini although that is not as wild and lively as Hersonissos, but there is a lot of dance music, and conviviality, in short, a wonderful vacation spot. And do you still have a once in your roof, the lively Hersonissos and Heraklion are within reasonable distance.


Kournas more


There is in Crete a lake where you really can fly, the Kournas more. The road going there is difficult to find so it is looking for. From the square in Georgiopoulos drive the old road towards Rethymnon and ga your son away after three kilometers right. Then go back three kilometers and then you reach the village Mouri, which, it seems, as it were hanging over the lake. There are a few bars and other catering units located, and you can hire water bikes. The water is almost always quiet so there is no danger and there is a great addition from the pedal again to take a swim. Around the lake there is no walking away.




Rural village south west of Iraklion. From Heraklion, take the old road to the west. After Gazi scroll under the new road by which as the first or second road links. (both roads lead to Krousonas). tip, ga, for example, the first road around the second turning back. This is how you do something. The first path leads through Kalessia and Voutos to Kroudonas, the other (second) directly, but is not shorter. The routes carry, especially in the autumn, fine wine groves, it's a pleasure to drive this route. Krousonas with its eastern foothills of the Ida mountain range is located approximately 450 meters above sea level and living from the land for construction and livestock farming. That is not the reason for this village to visit but many fruit trees are very beautiful. True or not, it is said that once the road has been that of the palace of Knossos to the offer, and Ideon Andron led. Furthermore, here is the remains of the Mycenische nederkrant setting and its dead city. The nunnery Agias Irinis Moni (Monastery of St. Irene) is about 2.5 kilometers outside the village zw. The monastery is located over 700 meters and offers a beautiful view over the Gulf of Heraklion.




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